Support Access to School Breakfast

Support Access to School Breakfast

1 in 7 kids struggle with food insecurity in the US.

This is a problem that impacts every state and community. Food insecurity doesn’t always mean there is no food, it can mean kids aren’t getting enough food or nutritious meals.

In a nation as rich as ours, no kid should go without food. The good news is we have a solution. Studies show that children from low-income families who eat school breakfast are significantly more likely to do well on tests and miss less school.

Add your name to this petition right now and tell your elected officials to give kids a healthy start by helping to increase access to school breakfast.

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We, the undersigned, want to make childhood hunger a thing of the past, starting by expanding access to school breakfast for every kid who needs it. The support of our elected officials is crucial to getting kids the nutrition they need for a day of learning.

We support taking two specific steps that will help make sure every kid gets a healthy breakfast before school:

  1. Set a public goal for increasing participation in school breakfast programs – and report on progress to that goal. This goal setting will help elevate the importance of effective school breakfast, and focus expansion efforts.
  2. Ensuring that breakfast be served after the official start of the school day increases the effectiveness of breakfast programs, and that kids who need breakfast are able to eat it.

By taking these steps and working to support increased access to school breakfast, we will make substantial progress toward ensuring that every kid in America gets the nutrition they need growing up.

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